Locally, nationally and internationally, I strive to be a vocal advocate for those suffering with Alopecia, bullying, and low self-esteem; traveling to every corner of the globe to help those in need of a voice and shoulder to lean on.

How I See it: Today's World As a 22-year-old

It seems as if we are all in distress, feeling the frustrations and anxieties of the world around us. There is so much danger, war and murder. There is conflict between genders, ethnicities, religions. Why have people become so hateful, and cruel, and vicious? What happened to us as human beings? Why does it matter how/when you pray, what you eat, or who you love...

Devon's positivity changed my life, I felt like I was not alone anymore with Alopecia. I had someone to look up to and to give me advice when I needed it the most. 

- Sasha, 18, London, UK

Devon is a great role-model for my young daughter who has Alopecia. I am glad she has someone to look up to as she gets older. All our love and support!

-  Caroline, Boston, MA

Find Your Inner Power By Helping Others


"I {Devon Carrow} created The Love Spreader, an on-line positivity platform in which I gained thousands of global followers by promoting self-love and positivity; I gained happiness by helping other people."

How to be a Real + True Friend

It’s really easy to be jealous of your friends. Some of them might have a wonderful job, be in a great relationship, get to travel all the time, or even have the perfect workout regimen. You could spend your whole life wishing you were them or feeling sorry for yourself. OR. You could work towards your goals...

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Alopecia Areata: How to Ease the Daily Struggles

You’d think after six years I would be able to conquer each day like a champ. For the most part,

I do. But, there are always those days which are a struggle to get through, days that want me to run home and hide underneath my covers. I was able to come up with a few methods that make my days easier, and I wanted to share them with my fellow Alopecians...

Devon made me feel that through the Love Spreader I had somewhere to belong. I now have a group of people I know will love and support me.

- Emma, Paris, France

High School

It was weird to think that here we are, five years later, all sitting in the same coffee shop working on taxes, paying the bills, or simply enjoying a good cup of joe. We were no longer separate in hierarchal terms, or divided by cliques – we were simply one. One group of people. One Starbucks. One cup of coffee. (Okay, fine. Two)...


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